Sept/7-8 Gold Strike Casino
Sept/18 thru 23 LH Casino
Sept  26 thru 30 Riverside Casino Laughlin NV
Oct/19-20 Gold strike Casino
Oct/24-27 Hacienda Casino
Nov/30 Dec 1 Gold Strike Casino
Dec/21-22 Railroad Pass
Jan/4-5 Gold Strike Casino
Jan/18-19 Railroad Pass Casino
Feb/1-2 Gold Strike Casino
Feb/5 thru 10 Long Horn Casino
Feb/15-16 Railroad Pass Casino
March/1-2 Gold Strike Casino
March/8-9 Railroad Pass Casino
March/26 thru 31 LH Casino
April 17 Thru 20 Hacienda Casino
April 26 & 27 Railroad Pass Casino
May 3 & 4 Railroad Pass Casino
May 14 Trhu 19 LH Casino
June 21 trhu 23 Gold Strike Casino
July 2 thru 7 LH Casino
July 12-13-14 Gold strike Casino
July 31 thru Aug 3 Hacienda Casino
Aug 1 thru 3 Hacienda Casino
September 3 thru 8 LH Casino
October  10 thru 14 Riverside Casino in Laughlin
October 15 trhu 20 Long Horn Casino
October 23 thru 26 Hacienda Casino
November 19 Thru 24 LH Casino
December 5 trhu 9 Riverside Casino Laughlin NV
December 17 trhu 22 Long Horn casino
Jan 2014
Feb 4 thru 9th Long Horn Casino 2014
March 11 thru 16 Long Horn Casino

Upcoming Shows
"Super Shock" Charlie Rock  wants to thank all 
of their fans who came to see them perform across 
the USA.  They had a blast meeting fans and seeing 
new places.  

Right now "Super Shock" is taking a little break from touring 
because they are working on a new CD, which will 
hopefully be released this spring.  After the release 
of the CD you’ll be able to see them perform 
somewhere near you.  

As a special treat for the  "Super Shock" fans. 
Upcoming Shows:

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